Original Chicken.....Nonna's rice ballsBWT Chili CrispBrick Walk Tavern Chili CrispHere are our Holday meals. All pickups are on Xmas eve between 3pm and 5:30pm. Xmas eve meals are A la carte and picked up hot, and Xmas trays are cold and ready to reheat at home the next day and feed 7-8 people easily. Orders are easy and done at www.brickwalktavern.comGet ur order in today!!!Who remembers this BWT Classic? Would you like to see a return to the menu. What other favorites would you like to see hit the menu this January when we change it ?Brick Walk Tavern will be doing takeout trays for Christmas Day to be reheated at home and also individual hot dinners for Xmas Eve all being picked up on December 24th. The menu will be posted within a few days. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 475-888-9966.Get yours this week by ordering on our website.Tuna tempura rolls with spicy tuna, soy glaze and red chili oil