David Snyder

Partner / Executive Chef

With decades of experience in the restaurant business as a career chef, and a lifetime passion for hospitality and embracing others, David has embarked on his first restaurant venture along with friend and partner Ted Vincent.

David attended the Culinary Institute of America where he graduated with high honors. David was fortunate to work with locally renowned chefs throughout the Westchester and Fairfield area in the early stages of his career. Forever a student of food, process and pairings, David honed his craft not only in technique but also in leadership.

As Executive Chef, he has titillated his guests with a unique flair, passion and dedication that in turn, provided a firm foundation for business growth and guest satisfaction.

Most recently David was the Executive Chef at Char in Greenwich. During the four plus years he lead the food experience, David worked closely with the owners to grow a fledgling concept into a respected culinary destination. He was recognized by Serendipity magazine as one of Fairfield county's most innovative chefs in 2014 and was an Ambassador Chef for the subsequent years until his departure in 2017.

With his outstanding track record of culinary excellence and passion for hospitality, David is truly excited to embrace Fairfield CT as his home, and the foundation for his next chapter.